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3d printer
Regarding the 3D printer's price, I personally think that because of the certain technical barriers in this industry, the high-level products usually have great premiums. Moreover, the quality of the products from different manufacturers varies greatly, so, regarding the evaluation of different printers, the quality of the product is usually not proportional to its price. When choosing a 3D printer, we can consider...
Rapid Prototyping Casting
1 Rapid Prototyping Technology Overview Rapid Prototyping technology is a high-tech manufacturing technology that was developed in the 1990s of the 20th century. It integrates computer-aided technology (CAD / CAM), laser technology, computer control technology, network technology and other advanced technologies. Using this technology, we can create prototypes quickly and accurately based on digital mold without the need to make molds. It is effective in shortening the...
3D printer rapid prototyping
There are various ways to achieve similar goals for new technology development. Manufacturers use different technologies to make different parts. From casting to mold filling, until handmade manufacture. For 3D Printer Rapid Prototyping, there are various ways to create prototypes. All these methods are used based on the complexity of the design, the material used for the design, the...
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