Key Steps during Installation of Rental LED Screen

by Albert T.

LED screens usage habits and technology used has been advancing for over 20+years. Today, events that use indoor screens or large outdoor TV screens have increased due to the need for quality display. Those who need quality event display and don’t find buying their LED screen economically viable, they revert to rental LED screen services. But as you think of LED screen renting, below are installation steps you need to observe for an interference-free concert, event or conference display.

  • Venue Exploration work Before LED Screen Installation

Before the material day for large screen displays installation day, technicians and engineers from your LED screen renting company will visit your event venue for exploration task. On this day, they will access the venue terrain, backbenchers to front row visual distance, visual effects needed, weather, and the LED screen designs required. Secondly, on this day they will get an opportunity to advise and discuss with you on the LED screen sizes required and the practicability of LED screens installation.

  • Number of LED Screens Needed

During the exploration task, the number of LED screens needed will also get discussed. You must consult with the engineers regarding LED screens number required at your event, and they will advise you on the right number according to their experience.

  • LED Screens Support Structures & Design

Thirdly, the large outdoor LED Display supporting structures will get determined. Depending on your event practicality, hanging or standing supporting structures can be settled on. But this will depend on the design of how you need the screen to be arranged and what will work best. At times, you might need the rental LED screen hanged, but their number and weight can become an issue.

LED screen

If the weight capacity seems a lot, the standing structure is the best. The hanging structure might turn catastrophic on your event day when the screens fall off. For that reason, your rental LED screens company will provide the supporting structures they deem essential, and at the same time, you will provide what you have for a successful setting.  

  • Electricity Source and Connector Lines Calculation

Although the LED display is known for being energy conserving, you cannot assume the power supply. You need to be sure your electricity supply is enough to serve the LED Screens number you going to use. Secondly, you need to think of a back-up power supply in case there is electricity blackout.

Lastly, the power connection lines need to get calculated. Such will avoid time wastage on the material day and also on budget planning. The wiring should be designed a day before so that everything will be set for the D-Day.

  • Client/Users Training on LED Screen

In most events, your rental LED screens service provider will send one technician. Meaning, the people you will have on the ground will need training on how to operate the LED screens before the D-Day. They must get trained on components charging, simple wiring, screen usage and lastly how to avoid technical problems. Such basic knowledge will go a long way in ensuring your event becomes a success.


The adage preparation goes a long way for the better than curing still got some meaning. The steps discussed above are a must if you need your event to be a success. Rental LED screen services make your event colorful, but without proper planning, they can mess you big. Plan your event well, and everything will work out just fine for you and your audience.

LED screen installation

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