3D printer accessories you can’t do without 

by Albert T.

If you are already familiar with the 3D printer and its different parts, you already know that there are additional tools needed to get the job done. And while, of course, you will need a filament or a base material for printing to take place, you will also need a few of the 3D printer accessories for the magic to take place. 

Cleaning Kit 

The nozzle on the hot end of the print head will need to be cleaned regularly, and for this, you need a cleaning kit. Due to the delicate nature of the nozzles, you will need a specialized cleaning kit for your nozzle size. There are different sizes available, so you can find one that can clean the smallest size of the nozzle. 

Sculpture Tools 

You will also need carving tools to be able to carve out your shapes and designs from the material mold. They are usually made with metal blades that make it easy to smooth out corners of your design. 


You will need a strong adhesive to join different smaller components together. It will also come in handy to repair broken parts and fill up spaces in the final product. You will need to choose an adhesive that works with your base material, and if you work with PLA plastic, a better option will be super glue. 


The final pieces will need a touch or two to smoothen out uneven sections, and good sandpaper can give you all the freedom to define the details of your final product. So you definitely will need to stock up on quality sandpaper. 


3D printer Accessories 

A handy plier can be useful when you need help with gripping the filament or cutting it. You can also use it to get into the small crevices in and to remove any clog in the print head. It could also be used to remove any 3D prints that get stuck in the print bed.  

A wrench Set 

Many of the moving parts of the printer machine will need to be fastened from time to time, and a wrench could save you the stress of hiring a technician. With a few other handy tools like screwdrivers and a tweezer, you can do a lot of minor repairs to your 3D printer without hiring anyone. 

Digital Caliper 

3D printer Accessories 

A digital caliper makes it possible to get accurate measurements of parts of your print. It is useful when you need to put together different small components and need to get the dimensions correctly.  

Noiseless Motherboard 

If you are familiar with most of the stock 3D printer motherboards, you would know that they can be quite noisy and use up much power. To make the whole process easy and less unpleasant, a noiseless motherboard like the Ender-3 silent motherboard could turn out to be a good investment. 

A Printing Surface 

In addition to the print bed, you would need a print surface to protect your bed from all the constant printing and different materials. It is important to use a durable printing surface that is easier to remove and clean. And you also want to check that the surface is compatible with your print material. 

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