Here’s A Complete Buying Guide For CBD Cartridges

by Albert T.

CBD cartridges have, over the past couple of years, become very popular among people who prefer to vape rather than smoke traditional cigarettes. The CBD vape pen works using the same concept as an e-cigarette by heating the oil inside it until it vaporizes. The users inhale the vapor which then gets absorbed into the lungs and give quick results. You can either buy empty vape pen cartridges or CBD prefilled cartridges from HLEEF.

Factors To Consider When Shopping For CBD Cartridges

We came up with a list of factors that you should put into consideration when deciding on the best CBD cartridges to buy. Here it is:

  • The Price Of The CBD Cartridges

The price is the main determining factor as to the type of CBD vape pen kit that you will buy. You need to have a budget before setting out on this journey. Although the price for a unit is quite expensive as compared to traditional cigarettes, that should not stop you from making a purchase. This actually means that the cartridge is a better value buy.  

  • The Potency Of The CBD Cartridges

It is very important that you check the strength (mg/ml) of the CBD cartridge before making a purchase. This will guide you on picking the right one in terms of dosage so that you don’t risk overdosing if you pick one that is too much. In a real sense, there is no risk associated with overdoing but is there a point for taking more than you need? When you take high dosages regularly, that will result in increased tolerance such that with time, you will be required to up your dosage. A higher dosage means that you will need a much stronger cartridge in terms of potency.

Again, the potency of the CBD vape cartridge determines how much the cartridge will cost. For example, a 50mg/ml cartridge could go for $30 while a 100mg/ml could cost you up to $50. When comparing these two, the latter is more economical to buy.

  • Lab Testing Conducted On The CBD Cartridges

The only way you can rest assured that you are buying a high-quality product is by finding one that has been tested in the lab and the results made available to the public. Laboratory test results give you information on how the CBD was extracted and the method that was used. The results will also inform you if there are any cannabis compounds that are present such as THC. The best extraction method is the CO2 extraction which ensures that the final product does not contain any unhealthy levels of toxins.

  • The Ingredients Used In The CBD Cartridges

It’s important for you to find out the exact ingredients that are used in your CBD cartridges mix. There are some mixes that contain agents such as propylene glycol (PG) and others contain vegetable glycerin (VG) instead. There are other mixes that contain pure hemp oil without a mixing agent.


Choosing a CBD vape cartridge in the past was such an uphill task. This has been made so much easier now thanks to the numerous guides available to users. We hope that this one was helpful to you and that it helped you make the right choice. Happy vaping!

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