Different Types of Hydraulic Fitting Along With Applications

by Albert T.

Hydraulic fittings are used in tubes, pipes, & hoses of hydraulic systems. These parts are designed to resist extreme conditions of pressure & temperature to minimize the system’s damage. For safety operations, these fittings should be durable, reliable, and versatile.

Strict safety and construction standards are designed to ensure the proper dimensions and specifications of fittings. These fittings increase the life of equipment, reliability, and working efficiency.

To meet all the demands and such a diverse application range, there are countless different types of fittings that differ in size, shape, material, and connectors.

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But first, get to know about some important types along with the application.

Hydraulic Fittings Types

European and US markets widely use the following hydraulic fitting types:

O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings

Fittings with O-ring groove, sealing is done by female connectors. These are ideal for pressurized conditions.

They offer a leakage-free link. ORFS fittings are further classified into different types:

· Elbow fitting

In these fittings, one female and many other male connections are available at various angles.

· Tee fitting

For media combining & distribution, these fittings have T- shaped connections. The connections have two male and one female ORFS ports.

· Cross fitting

These fittings have four-port connectors. The ports are present in cross form. All the ports are male that combines and distribute the flowing media.

These ORFS fittings are usually escorted by accessories like O-rings, end caps, and plugs.

· Straight fitting

These fittings have one male straight thread connection to male NPT.

· BSP fittings

These are frequently used hydraulic fitting types in Europe. BSP fittings match BSP standards for screw threads. These fittings are employed for interconnecting and sealing pipes.

They are frequently utilized in plumbing industries. Except for North America, these fittings are widely acknowledged all around. NPT standards are used in North America

Common Applications of Hydraulic Fittings

Hydraulic fittings have a wide range of applications where these can be used with hoses in pipes. Let’s have a look at a few common applications!

  • Construction tools
  • Ice & snow trucks construction
  • Gas & oil industries (cranes, drills, transfer system)
  • Automotive construction
  • Agricultural gears (fertilizer spreader, trucks)
  • Drainage system applications
  • Mining apparatus (draglines, shuttle cars, Excavators)
  • Media industry equipment
  • Robotics and many more

Things To Consider While Selecting Hydraulic Fitting

You must consider the following points while selecting hydraulic fitting.


While choosing the hydraulic fitting’s material, make sure that it’s fully suitable with the functioning environment and, most importantly, with hydraulic fluid.


You must select such hydraulic fittings that are appropriate for your pressure range.


Hydraulic fittings are designed according to a specific temperature range; ensure to check the appropriate range.


You must carefully examine the internal and external diameter of the hydraulic fittings.


You must select such a type of hydraulic fitting that is suitable for your application. For instance, Tee- or cross-fittings are employed for mixing or distribution application.


If you want to get the full benefit from the hydraulic fittings, then you must select the right type of such fittings. You can select any of the above-discussed kinds of hydraulic fittings for your desired application.

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