Safety Precaution to Take When Using Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

by Albert T.

Installing or extracting utilities from the underground is not 100% safe. Every method has a disadvantage even if it is just one. However, let this article introduce HDD machine to you. It is safer, gets your work done in a short period, and it is an efficient machine.

Nonetheless, using a horizontal directional drilling machine means you are drilling horizontally, and you can never be sure where the other utilities are because of earth settling. So it is therefore important to take into account safety measures before embarking on drilling horizontally.

Here are safety measures you should consider before and during the drilling process.

  • Take More Time Planning And Preparing

Before you start working, educate, and prepare your employees on the drilling process. Also, lay out a plan to be followed in case of an accident. Find and label the utilities that on the ground. They include electricity wire, petroleum pipes, and internet cables. Train your staff on how to operate a directional boring machine.

Additionally, double-check the existing utilities to avoid laying your utility on another or in another. For, example, placing your utility on a sewer line means the neighborhood will experience toilet clogging. Consequently, a plumber will be required to rectify the mistake only for him to come into contact with the petroleum line you installed.

This might cause an explosion in the neighborhood. Also, remember to place a restriction line to prevent people from going close to your construction site.

  • Ensure You Have All The Safety Measure Equipment
horizontal directional drilling

A horizontal directional drilling machine makes some loud noises. It is therefore important to implement hearing protection plan. Also, ensure your employees have insulated footwear, eye protection if there is a need for it. Additionally, ensure your employees are wearing visible clothes and reflector, headgears and gloves.

  • Prepare The Drilling Stem

Preparing the drilling machine includes placing a tracker on the drilling stem. A tractor shows how the drilling stem is moving under the ground and the route it is following. So, if your tracker shows the drilling machine is moving from the set line, you have to stop the drilling. Take a look at the horizontal directional drilling video to equip your team with knowledge on drilling underground efficiently.

Therefore, ensure you install the tracker carefully and test its functionality before you insert it in the ground. It is equally important to understand what the tracker might come across. So, the tracker will alert you if it comes into contact with an existing metal tank, utility lines, and microwave and televisions transmission facilities, among other things.

  • Call The Necessary Construction of Controlling Bodies

Another point often overlooked is calling a team that identifies the utilities in the ground. In some countries, the number is 811. So, depending on the country or city, your construction is taking place, contact the authorized bodies to help you identify existing utilities. Remember, due to tectonic plates settling over the years, the utility lines might not be on the original line where they were placed.

Conclusion Safety is essential in any working site. Therefore, put safety measures before and during the use of a horizontal directional drilling machine. However, you can never learn enough about safety; you have to keep learning new information. In that case, check the horizontal directional drilling procedure every time before the use of the machine to ensure you figuratively possess knowledge on your fingers tips.

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