What Are OEM Products and Why Are They Cheaper?

by Albert T.

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and it is usually tagged on the products that are related to the hardware and software. Companies like innomanufacturing.com have been manufacturing OEM products since long and today we would be merely talking about such products. Most of us have always been thinking that if it is OK to buy an OEM product or does it makes any difference with the cost while buying it or not.

oem products

Well, we will like to tell you that yes, it does make a difference. The OEM product costs you less than the other non OEM or the retail products that are usually available in the market.

The OEM products are packaged to be distributed to the companies who build systems like DELL, Apple, Samsung etc. Although, these companies are themselves original equipment manufacturers and they too have been distributing software and hardware products to multiple companies around the globe.

This is the reason the OEM products are sold in a generic packaging instead of any branded packaging design. These products are not designed to be sold on the shelves of electronic stores and most importantly they are not usually sold by any store in the world because they are always purchased in the bulk quantity.

How you can purchase an OEM product?

Since, these products are not available in the local stores and you are willing to buy then what could be the way to grab them? There are various online stores who are concerned more about facilitating their customers because, online customer are always seeking products on discounted prices and are more like a bargain hunters.

That is why these online stores don’t prefer putting their products with branding instead they provide it just white boxes. From these online stores you can easily buy any of the OEM products and make an order online.

You might be thinking if it is legal or not to purchase an OEM product. It is totally fine if you buy such product but there are some stipulations to which you are agreed and accepts it automatically once you make an intentional purchase.

What types of OEM products are available in the market?

As said above, OEM products are usually available in two genres i.e. software and the hardware. In the form of hardware these products are available such as hard drives, pen drives, PCI expansions and optical storages. Whereas, in software form they might be available in the form of security suites, windows updates patches, open source operating systems etc.

oem products

Is Buying OEM worth it?

Since we have already discussed that buying an OEM product is totally fine and you can acquire it at a very minimal cost that is far way down than the retail pricing. But there are few things you should know before making a purchase.

oem products
  • You don’t have any warranty of such products, like you get in the retail version of that product
  • Availability of these products is quite hard
  • Sometimes OEM products are more expensive than the retail one
  • There is no authority where you can claim any bug in the product

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