Why You need 3D printing models

by Albert T.

The use of 3D printing models can be considered an improvement of the conventional architectural models. 3D printed architectural models present an architect’s work in a more tangible manner.

It will give the viewer a better understanding of the idea the architect is trying to portray. Two types of models normally used are the low-cost Architecture Models and the Realistic Architecture Models.

Both models have their peculiar benefits which are why architects love using them. Below are some of these identified benefits.


Using 3D printing reduces the cost of your production by up to 75%. This ensures a reasonable increase in your profit margin. With a Low-cost high-quality models, an architect can print several stages of a particular project for the same price he would have printed one.

This means also ensures fast testing of concepts. Hence, downsides will be detected faster unlike when you use computer simulations. It prevents excessive waste of money on mistakes related to volume and general structure.

Additionally, it permits you to work with several different printers and materials. This way, you become in charge of the whole process and you can set your priorities by yourself. If you want to save more money, you can use cheaper materials and printers.


Compared to traditional handmade models, 3D models are stronger. They can tolerate more weight and they are ideal for complex designs. With a 3D model, you don’t have to worry about an extra charge that results from breakage.

3D models add details to your designs and at the end of the day, it adds to the general quality of your work. These 3D models print clear architectural models with high resolution.

High resolutions are achievable in this situation. It allows the architects to use a wide range of materials. These different materials come with different properties and several colors.

Nowadays, you can get more sophisticated and structured models. Something that wouldn’t have been possible years back with the traditional methods.


3D printing models take lesser time than traditional printing which takes several days before it is completed. Basically in just a couple of hours, an architect can come up with a 3D printed model.

Clients are likely to change their minds at one point or the other. When they do, modifications can easily be made. A different new model can be printed. All these are possible because of the speed at which 3Ds are printed.

The same is also applicable if you have a fresh idea or if you have made a mistake you wish to correct.


3D models make communication between you and your client easier and more effective. Maximum communication is achieved especially because the project is of high quality and the average cost is reduced.

Architects make 3D models in different interactive stages. The interactiveness of these stages offers investors the opportunity to communicate with their project at every point even before the completion.


All these and many more are the reason why modern architects and even clients resort to the use of 3D printing models. It is like a massive improvement of everything the traditional models stand for. It is more affordable, it is faster, it is of high quality and it communicates better.

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