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by Albert T.

With the recent rise in demand for machining services, innovative industries are looking for companies producing the best quality parts using rapid prototyping tooling and with an international market. There is a growing demand for high-tech quality manufacturing in the innovation industries; manufacturing companies like Gensun strive to turn your innovation into reality. Visit their site at and check out their best CNC machining solutions. Let’s discuss the services offered by the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process involves machining tools following sets of programmed codes to produce the final piece. The process transforms raw materials such as metals, plastics, glass, etc., into the intended product. The process is cheap, systematic, and produces a clear-cut final product.

Companies like machining china, which possesses high-tech manufacturing equipment, can produce pieces that require a high level of complexity. Industries like engineering, automotive, and aerospace have benefited most in CNC machining. There are three known machining processes;

1. Milling

CNC milling, just like other machining processes, uses computerized machines to accurately and effectively produce high-quality pieces. This is also a form of subtractive manufacturing that uses rotary cutters that rotates to underpin the material. There are many types of milling, but two are commonly used. The peripheral and the face milling, the type of raw material determines the type of milling used.

  • Face milling.The cutters are placed vertically to workpieces, and the cuttings are done on the edges of the mill cutter. Face milling is convenient for flat surface objects.
  • Peripheral milling.The cutters are placed alongside the workpiece so that the section receives the shape of the cutter. The machine takes out cutting from the material, and it is a convenient method for cutting deep slots.

2. Drilling

Drilling is commonly done for huge productions. The drilling process also uses automated machinery during production; its versatility enables it to mill or turns when required. Semi-automated drills are used for low-volume production. If the drilling process has different hole sizes, a drilling machine is mounted with many spindles in turrets.

For drilling to be effective and more productive, the correct drilling machine should be used with the appropriate geometrical measurements. For example, a geared head drilling is the most suitable for drilling holes with different patterns.

3. Turning

This is also a subtractive manufacturing process where materials are systematically removed from the piece until a final design is obtained. The CNC lathe holds the spindle, where rods of the workpiece is held and rotated, removing materials until the desired piece is obtained. If the machine is also milling enabled, the turning gives way for the milling process of the part to get other shapes.

The turrets are mounted with computerized tooling that aids in the functioning of the machine. If the turrets have more computerized tooling, the more efficient the device will operate. The turning process is best for round and cylindric objects.


Manufacturing companies are making an effort to keep up with the changing technology and fulfill the innovative world’s demands. The demand for CNC machining services is also on the rise, with innovators looking to create high-standard products.

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