What Is The Cost Of Turnkey PCB Assembly?

by Albert T.

The word “Turnkey” refers to a product, commodity, or service that is ready for immediate application for a buyer. In the PCB assembly industry, the world turnkey means that a supplier can handle all elements of the PCB project. These elements include procurement of parts and components, manufacturing, and assembly. This process requires a lot of knowledge in vast areas like PCB components and the assembly process. You must also understand PCB design, fabrication, and the final product. Turnkey PCB assembly mainly involves using internet cloud-based software by PCB producers to develop PCB boards quickly. One of the most asked questions about this process is the Turnkey PCB cost.

Turnkey cost

This term refers to the costs and expenditures that need to be covered before a commodity or service is ready to be sold or purchased. The turnkey cost may be a direct cost, as the cost of materials. On the other hand, it may also be indirect, such as administrative expenses and product engineering or designing costs. More often than not, Turnkey costs feature bost direct and indirect expenses. This is usually the case in the PCB assembly industry.

What is the cost of Turnkey PCB assembly?

The cost of Turnkey PCB assembly can be affected by a wide range of elements. Such elements include:

1. Dimensions of the PCB board

Naturally, the larger the dimensions of the PCB board, the higher the prices of the Turnkey assembly. This is because more work will have to be done to design the board. It is also because the process will take longer, and the quantity of material will be higher. Therefore, one of the primary variables that determine the cost of these services is the board’s dimensions.

2. Form and density of the board

Another significant variable that affects the cost of the services is the form and density of the PCB board. Naturally, the more complex these components are, the higher the Turnkey cost, and vice versa.

3. Variety of layers

The higher or more layer variety, the higher the manufacturing and overall cost of the Turnkey PCB assembly. This is because of the quantity of the material utilized, the complexity of the design, and the manufacturing process. These elements significantly affect the cost of the process.


The cost of Turnkey PCB assembly is made up of a wide range of aspects. Such aspects include making the solder pattern, acquiring the materials, and positioning the parts using a guide book (this process can also be automated(, assessing and putting everything together. The company offering the services will also influence the cost.



China is one of the leading hosts of Turnkey PCB assembly companies. Chinese companies often offer cheaper services compared to other nations. This is because they have access to raw materials, are highly experienced, and the competition in the market is also relatively high. Despite the cost of the services, you can count on receiving the highest-quality products and services. This is why companies from different geographical regions seek Turnkey PCB services from China.

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