Setting Up and Working Principle of a Labelling Machine

by Albert T.

Quality compliance for any company is crucial; labels are important for quality compliance since your product may not be allowed to the market without them. Labels are used to indicate information about the product, such as ingredients used, name, quantity, quality, etc. Therefore, you need an automatic labeling machine as part of your branding strategy.

So what exactly is a labeling machine? A labeling machine is an instrument that prints applies, or dispenses labels on different products. The machine is key for any manufacturing plant as it ensures flexibility and efficiency in this line, hence top-quality products that attract customers.

There are different types of labeling machines available in the market, but today’s focus is on shrink sleeve labeling machine. This very powerful machine uses heat in the application process to compress the label to the shape of the container. This new technology allows you to work on unique packaging shapes. Want to find out more about this machine’s setting up and working principle? Then you are in the right place.

How does the shrink sleeve machine work?

The shrink sleeve labeling machine is made up of material that is heat sensitive and is seamed with openings at the upper and lower parts to create some “sleeve.” This sleeve is placed around the product to which the label is to be applied.

The sleeve begins to compress or shrink the product when the heat is applied to the material. It is positioned so that the final conformed image does not warp, ensuring that branding is not compromised.

Typically, shrink sleeve labels are printed on polyester or plastic substrate, and special printing techniques are used to ensure the result gives you tactile finishes with every intricate detail.

Varnish may be applied to create a striking and appealing visual detail with a mix of matte and glossy elements.

The result gives you a 360-degree artwork useful for branding as it creates eye-catching work with a range of specialty applications and bold colors.

What are the benefits of machine labeling?

  • Increased production volume

Unlike human or manual labor, automation is way faster and more efficient. You produce a lot more volume when using machines, and at the same time, you are not compromising on the quality.

Automation also ensures consistency as the precision of the machine gives you the ability to produce consistent quality even with increased production volume.

  • Reduced human errors

Machines ensure accurate placement of stickers and labels, thus a reduction in human errors, and this, in turn, minimizes wastage. The level of automation in labeling machines is very high that it guarantees you very low chances of errors.

  • Low maintenance and conserve energy

Most of the automated machines are built in such a way that they consume very little power, meaning that you get to save on energy costs. The machines also require little to no maintenance, saving on time and cutting down on company expenditures.

  • User Friendly

Machines are made to be user-friendly and incorporate the latest technology and systems. This increases the operator’s efficiency, in turn creating a better work experience.

Consung offers the best shrink sleeve labeling machines at a very affordable price. Automation is without a doubt an investment that guarantees you a high return on investment for your business. It’s time to make profits for your business; switch to automation today.

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